Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spice Cuisine turns One!!!

It feels good to see Spice Cuisine turn one. How times flies!! Normally, when we look back on past stuff, you always wish you could have done certain things differently and newer ideas start cropping up....just like how I feel now. I see so many blogs celebrating their blog birthdays with sweet treats. For a change, I decided to lay low and celebrate the blog's birthday in my own simple way by recollecting old memories and staying motivated to cook and share more recipes.

Back home, when I first entered the kitchen, mom would let me be her sous chef (not exactly but lets just keep it that way...makes me feel good) and  help her with little things. My expertise back then was preparing tea, making dosa (of course, with the batter prepared by mom) and omelettes for dad. I should probably call myself as an accidental cook (making visits to the kitchen only when my mom was not around, more so, out of desperation and hunger pangs). When I first left for U.S., I felt a bit blind sided without much hands-on about cooking and my primary resources were some of my mom's recipes and cookbooks that she sent along. 

My cooking skills have come a long way since then, and the more I got involved, I discovered my passion for cooking and baking. Although, I try my best to serve simple and healthy dishes to family and friends, every once in a while, I think its perfectly fine to indulge in fried fantasies or sweet heaven. I agree that it gives a sense of satisfaction (and less of the guilt) when we enjoy healthy lifestyle by making minor substitutions to everyday cooking without any compromises on our taste buds. But, let's face it...variety is the spice of life!!! So, enjoy cooking new dishes, add your own little touch and make things interesting.