Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!

Happy New Year to All!! Its a bit late, but better late than never. Hope this year brings on happiness, good luck and exciting things for everyone!! So, far mine hasn't been off to a great start, atleast health-wise. For starters, new year's eve, I was down with a viral fever and just started getting better. My little one had a bad case of stomach bug, just recovered and we were winding up with our MI trip and heading back to D.C after all the chaotic flight schedules influenced by the winter storms in the mid-west.

Me and my daughter were getting back to our routine with couple days left for my hubby's return from India. On the third day after my return, in the wee hours of the morning, I get up from my sleep with extreme abdominal pain, feeling totally uneasy heading to the restroom, only to feel much more sick, with symptoms increasing and the room spinning extremely fast. The first thing that strikes little one!! Literally, I was lying on the bathroom floor and without much of a choice, ended up dialing 911 and passed out in the middle of the conversation. Yep, they broke two doors, got to me and woke me up, took my little one and called in one of my friends (that I just met few weeks ago) to take care of her.  All I remembered was being taking down 2 floors and ended up on a stretcher in the ambulance. The meds ripped my T-shirt sleeve to give me an injection and then I passed out. Imagine my mom's plight when she makes a call to me that morning, only to be answered by the county sheriff!!! Yep, she burst out and almost had a nervous breakdown. My hubby managed to make some calls from India to ask his friend and my cousin to get to the hospital to help me out. Oh God, what a nightmare it was!! What is the probability that something of this sort would happen when my hubby and our close friends are not in town.....almost slim to none. Anyway, after being warned by the ER docs about being discharged as per my request that afternoon, it did take me over a week and about 10 bottles of gatorade, to get back to normal routine.

I feel so much better now but my old addiction has kicked back in and I still have about 2 seasons of 24 to finish the series. So, I guess, things will be on a hold until I am done (just trying to clear my head to get back to focus on things, in general). Hoping that the worst is over and the remainder of the year has better things in store for me.