Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy 1st B'day to my sweet little angel!!

How time flies!! It just felt like I delivered our bundle of joy not too long ago and she is already one!! This past year has been a memorable one filled with sweet memories and every single thing done by her will be treasured. Her first roll-over, first time she sat on her own, first tooth, first time she stood up, first time she walked with support, first walk on her own, her first words....the list doesn't end but looking forward for more such experience. Parenting is definitely not easy, every now and then, it has its challenges but then again, it wouldn't be interesting otherwise, would it? Officially, I have a toddler now and am getting my share of exercise by running behind her and watching her mischievous moves.

My 4-month long visit with parents, grandma and cousins was a memorable one because they had a chance to spend time with the little one and enjoy her every little action. After a long trip back home, the last thing I expected was to catch a bad cold. Just when I thought I was done, my little one caught it too and her's was much worse. So, between the jet lag, the cold and cough, it was quiet a while before we could settle down. Not too long after that, we had to plan for her 1st b'day celebration. Although, her actual b'day (June 11th) was a simple celebration with only our close friend's family and a simple vegan funfetti cake (recipe coming up soon) that my little one enjoyed, we had a much bigger party over the weekend. All the planning, prep work, and the celebration has my hubby and me tired out. Apparently, a hectic 2-week schedule after my return home, with not much of a chance to try out some recipes in my list!!

Hoping to make up for the time spent away from blogging. Oh how I missed it, can't wait to start blogging again without any more breaks!!

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